Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health

India is known for its ancient traditions, culture and religions which are even today being practiced. Yoga is originated from India and today the whole world practices it. Foreigners specially come to India to learn yoga and get trained. To be healthy you need good body cool mind and peaceful soul. One has to understand the need of the body to keep it healthy, we have various options like gym aerobics, yoga, etc. Among all these the most ancient one is yoga.Yoga means union of mind body and spirit in other words it is how one gets connected to the divine lord through his soul. In the past we have heard about so many cases that kings and great legends all of sudden left all their physical and materialistic life and walk into the jungles in search of God for peace of mind. They practiced yoga meditation and attained mental peace and returned to preach about the spiritual powers of life. Basically yoga is a kind of exercise which not only keeps you fit physically, but also controls your inner emotions and gives your emotions a correct direction to march forward.One who practices yoga regularly gets a power of self enlightened and also spreads the positive, divine and spiritual effects in the environment. In today’s scenario everywhere there is competition and immense pressure, which is more than enough to make you tired sick and frustrated. Let none of this effect you, Want to know how? Just believe in yourself and gives good exercise to your mind body and soul. Then you will definitely see the positive change in you and around you. Just give 30 minutes every day to your body and you can see and feel the positive effects of yoga which will refresh your day by day. Yoga increases your lifeline, eradicates all the major deceases of mental health.

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