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4 Simple Steps For Effective Real Estate Marketing Online

Any type of real estate marketing is expensive, when it doesn’t produce results. Many of the frustrations for real estate professionals revolve around how leads from their marketing efforts are poor and that they aren’t closing any sales from any of their lead generation activities. Unfortunately this usually results in ditching marketing all together and hoping a new customer will “appear”.Instead of just hope, you might consider starting with an online marketing strategy that will generate low cost leads. When you start your online real estate marketing efforts there are a myriad of choices available to you.   Just a fraction of choices would include paid advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, etc. In the field of paid online advertising each system works differently and allows quite a bit of flexibility for the advertiser. With this flexibility though comes the opportunity to waste your money quite easily and be stuck in that same viscous cycle.
Consider the following methods when starting your online advertising:

Set a Budget – Too often real estate professionals jump into their online marketing efforts with no idea of how much they want to spend. Getting started online means understanding there will be a time needed to uncover how it all works and setting a budget that will allow you to succeed. A good rule of thumb to start with is don’t spend any more than 7% of what your average commission would be on your advertising. When you consider that if you spent just 7% to get a 1 transaction you would be in good shape, especially when you could repeat that month after month!

Set a Goal – Sounds crazy, but I invite you to consider that your online real estate marketing efforts can have results from your very first month. Holding your money accountable and setting a goal for a specific number of transactions that you would like to achieve will help you to keep your money accountable and provide you with some focus at the same time.

Focus on Leads – Creating ads online (and even your SEO efforts) should all be focused on generating leads. When you have people requesting information from you, either via phone or e-mail, each day it gives you the opportunity to convert those leads into fresh appointments. Don’t think that you need to “brand” yourself or “get the word out”, rather consider focusing on providing value to your online visitors and compel them to contact you for help.

Be Specific – Too often real estate professionals (and many business owners for that matter) take very little time in their ad creation and where they will direct their ads. Take time to consider what people are searching on and direct them to pages within your website that will quickly give them the information they are looking for. This will keep your costs low and keep the leads flowing.
Real estate is an extremely competitive field and is getting even more competitive online. Keeping your costs low for your online marketing efforts will keep leads coming in, new appointments each week, and a steady flow of closings going each and every month.

Cheap Caribbean Vacations – Which Islands Have Affordable Airfare and Accomodation?

There are a lot of nice beaches to visit in the Caribbean. The resorts are overall reasonably priced and cheap airfare is offered by most airlines. It’s easy to find cheap Caribbean vacations, whether you are looking for an all-inclusive deal or cruise.You literally have tons of islands to choose from. Regardless of which one you visit, you will be surrounded by beautiful water, architecture, art, and scenery.Here are some of the cheapest places in the Caribbean to fly to and spend a few days:Oranjestad, ArubaLook into airfare with budget airlines like Spirit and Jet Blue. If you can fly out of a major city like New York, Baltimore, or Philadelphia, you’ll be able to obtain a low price. There are some nice hotels, spas, casinos, resorts, and rental apartments with decent rates. If you want some good shopping deals, head to Wharfside Flea Market.Bridgetown, BarbadosIt’s cheaper than ever to fly to the Grantley Adams International Airport from US cities. There are dozens of hotels in the Bridgetown area, many of which are highly rated and affordable. The cheapest times to visit Barbados are during the months September, October, and June. There are a variety of dining options and outdoor activities for tourists.Bequia IslandOne of the lesser known cheap Caribbean vacations, Bequia features a lot of hidden gems that most people overlook. Don’t make this mistake. Grab some cheap airfare to the J. F. Mitchell Airport, which also serves the areas of Saint Vincent, Grenadines Parish, and the Grenadines. On Bequia Island you will find a variety of accommodation to suit your budget and taste. You also might want to spend some time in St. Lucia or Barbados before and after your stay on Bequia Island.Cancun, MexicoThis is one of the most popular cheap Caribbean vacations. Cancun is very easy to reach since so many US and Canadian airports offer flights. Many of these flights are inexpensive. With literally hundreds and hundreds of hotel and resorts to choose from, it is very easy to find budget accommodation. There is always the option to visit nearby places like Riviera Maya and Play del Carmen.Negril, JamaicaSpirit, American Airlines, and Delta are some of the airlines you will want to check with for cheap flights to Negril. Not only is the area gorgeous, it also offers a lot of fun and excitement. Long Bay Beach and Mayfield Falls are two places you’ll definitely want to visit. The price range for nice hotels and rental places is very broad. You should be able to find nice accommodation to suit your budget.These are just some of many cheap Caribbean vacations available. There are also cruises to consider. Why visit just one when you can visit a variety of them with a cruise itinerary?Use online promo codes and save BIG on your Caribbean vacation! You’ll have access to all of the tools you’ll need for finding cheap Caribbean vacations and comparing prices. Plan every leg of your journey, including airfare, car rental or airport shuttle, hotel room, dining, and more.